Engraving Options for Pocket Watches

Engraved Plate for Gift Case

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Enhance your gift with a brass plate
  • We can fix the golden plate engraved with your special presentation message on the gift case.
  • 50 x 15 mm.
  • Choice of typestyle.
  • Optional free image to go with your text. Press 'More Images' button a the bottom of this panel.
  • Maximum of thirty letters.
  • See typestyles, press 'More Images' button a the bottom of this panel.


  • Embossed Gift Case

    An Additional Option to make your gift personal.
    FREE! when you buy a pocket watch from Gifts of StJameses.

    Timecell can emboss the surface of the gift case with your personal message. The embossing is subtle on the black leather style case, and is left without any colour fill.  On the maple wood case (certain Swiss models) the embossed lettering is filled with gold. If you need advice on this service please telephone on 01895 630361.

    Special Engravings on Pocket Watches

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    We can now engrave a design from our library onto your pocket watch.

    Click more images below to view design options. The illustrations are shown in black and white however the actual engraving will be in outline.

    Decorative Initials for Pocket Watches

    You can have two decorative initials engraved on a pocket watch or plate for the gift case.
    • Choose two initials only, for your pocket watch (example the first name initials of the bride and groom).
    • These initials can be additional to the regular text engraving.
    • Letters can have an optional colour fill at no extra charge.
    • Click 'More Images' to see an example of how these letters could be used. 

    Imprinting and Engraving

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    Transfer an Image to the Pocket Watch

    This service is only available on selected watches and you will find the imprint service listed in the options available. It is important that we describe this service so that it is fully understood prior to order:

    • Imprinting a picture on a watch, for example a photograph of the bride and groom is possible. The impression will be lightly done so to gain the full advantage the watch will need to be turned into the light to see the full effect.
    • If you order our twin impression service the watch will be imprinted (as a background) then engraved with lettering on a conventional engraver, the lettering will be of a deeper cut than the imprint.
    • You will need to email a photograph in either a JPEG format or via PDF. This picture will be adjusted by us and we may need to remove part of an image or the background.
    • We can also scan your traditional photographic print however there will be some loss of definition. 
    • We can offer a proof prior to imprinting, but this will consist of just the adjusted picture. The imprint itself will not be coloured.
    • For commercial customers we will require a good quality image on JPEG or PDF of the matter to be imprinted, care should be taken with logos etc that a good clean image is offered.

    Only use this area when ordering imprinting or imprinting and engraving combined.

    Imprinting of an image and lettering is £18 plus VAT
    Imprinting together with conventional engraving is £25 plus VAT

    This service was £28.75 inc.VAT, now FREE!

    This service is only offered on pocket watches purchased from Timecell.

    Click Here to email and Image or artwork. Note must be in JPEG or PDF Format.


    Special Watch Engravings

    Emblems, insignia, logos and special designs

    • Military Insignia.
    • Club and Professional Emblems.
    • Religious Symbols
    • Company Logos..
    • Customer own design.
    • Image of the church where you are to marry. We can often trace an image on the internet.

      Telephone: 01895 630361.

    Free Gift Wrapping

    Free Service.
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