The use of your new Pocket Watch

Instructions in the use of your new pocket watch

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Operating Instructions


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Thank you for purchasing a new pocket watch from our extensive range. The watch is guaranteed by the maker for twelve months from the date of purchase.


Quartz Watches. The battery in your watch will need to be changed by your local jeweller every year or two. You will note that the watch starts to run slow or stops when the battery change is due. The battery in the watch on the date of purchase may not last the full year this is because the item may have been in stock with the manufacturer for a short while prior to sale.

Mechanical Watches do not need a battery but have to be wound daily if required for continuous operation. Wind by gently turning the crown in a clockwise direction until tight. Do not overwind as this will damage the mechanism. Note mechanical watches may need a small time adjustment every day.

The crown has three positions. The first position (fully down) is for normal operation. The second position (one small click upwards) is to alter the date, this should be done by turning the crown in a clockwise direction. The third position (fully up) is to alter the time, the hands can be turned in either direction.

If your watch has a lid (a half hunter or a full hunter) then by pressing the button in the centre of the crown, the lid will open, press again when closing the watch to minimise wear. If your watch also opens at the back, then press the button a little further after the lid is open at the front to open lid at back of the watch. The back opening feature only applies to a small selection of mechanical watches.